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Backed by a risk-free money back guarantee: If you don’t think this program is worth what you pay for it, we’ll refund your money. Read the simple terms below.

Our premier 3 lesson training will make your welding or manufacturing business more profitable and efficient through clear, simple steps that are easy and fast for anyone to implement to . What the program entails:

3 video lessons totaling 50 minutes to watch and less than a two hours to implement.

  • Lesson 1: Create financial freedom by properly costing your products using a provided, pre-made and formulated excel sheet with step by step instructions for use.
  • Lesson 2: Create time freedom by making your business run on systems, not the owner and specializing in a minimal number of flagship products or services.
  • Lesson 3: Keep a stream of customers coming in by choosing the best forms of marketing using a profit based formula.

If you’d like a more in-depth look at the lessons and content, you can download the lesson outline below for free.

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Google Reviews

Reviews from welders that have been through the program.

Tracy M.3M&P Welding and Fabrication
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"I was very happy with the information provided. I have no business degree just a welder that owns a shop. Going to implement."
Spencer D.Weld Worx, Maryland
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"Lots of good information and guidance for people starting their business. The spreadsheets are a huge help in breaking down your profit."
Rory M.McGraw, NY
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"Very Informative. Can't wait to implement what I've learned. Keep up the good work."


About the program and lesson previews

What you'll learn:

Money Back Guarantee

BSFW is backed by a simple guarantee: if you don’t think the content provided is worth what you pay, we’ll refund your money. Read the simple terms below.

We hate it when companies make people jump through hoops. Our refund terms are simple: 

  1. Refund request must be submitted within 15 days of purchase.
  2. You must email us your completed excel sheet to prove you completed the exercise. (must be evident numbers are accurate and relate to your products, not made up)
  3. Complete the refund survey. (3 min)

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About Double Diamond Fabrication

The creators of Business School for Welders.

Double Diamond Fabrication is a multi-product welding company headquartered in Central Oregon. They started as a local welding shop building and installing flatbeds. Since their founding, they have evolved into selling weld-yourself flatbed kits, educational programs for welders, and product licensing with over 25 flatbed dealers nationwide. We use the exact tools we teach in this program in our business today.


Most frequent questions and answers.

Welding or manufacturing shop owners or managers who want to increase company profits, a clear way to choose what products and services to offer, and how to correctly choose the best marketing channels to sell those products.

  1.  Provide a simple, premade excel sheet to properly cost and sell your products.
  2.  An objective, numbers based process to determine what products to cut, and what products to double down on to make your business a scalable system.
  3.  A simple, profit based tactic to select the most profitable and efficient forms of marketing.

50 minutes to watch all video lessons and 1-2 hours to implement.

A very primitive knowledge of Microsoft excel. If you can figure out how to open it on you computer, we’ll walk you through the rest in step by step video fashion. 

$299, but you can download the lesson outline and only enroll if you like what you see. BSFW is backed by a money back guarantee: if you don’t think BSFW makes you at least an additional $300 in PROFIT in the 30 days after completion, we’re happy to provide a full refund. (Terms apply, read above.)

Download the Lesson outline for free.