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To view the entire 5 hour, 28 module tutorial, you’ll have to purchase a flatbed kit.

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Video Tutorial FAQ's

Most frequent questions and answers.

Our video tutorial is completely exhaustive. At over 5 hours long with 28 modules, it’s a step by step explanation of how to build, wire, and install your flatbed with no detail left out. Here’s a breakdown of each module and what it covers:

  • Module 1: Tools and equipment needed.
  • Module 2: Jig table construction
  • Module 3: Inner frame construction
  • Module 4: Prepping the outer frame
  • Module 5a: Installing outer frame – wood deck models
  • Module 5b: Installing the outer frame – steel deck models
  • Module 6: Tail installation
  • Module 7: Adding tail bracing and gussets
  • Module 8: Solid welding the frame
  • Module 9: Grinding outer frame welds
  • Module 10: Installing stake pockets
  • Module 11: Cutting out the headache rack frame
  • Module 12: Tack welding the headache rack frame
  • Module 13: Solid welding the headache rack frame
  • Module 14: Flatbar jig construction
  • Module 15: Installing Louvers
  • Module 16: Welding on the headache rack
  • Module 17: Fuel plate installation
  • Module 18: Wiring hanger installation
  • Module 19a: Installing flatbar – wood deck models
  • Module 19b: Installing flatbar – steel deck models
  • Module 20 – Installing steel deck (steel deck models only)
  • Module 21a – Adding fenders and final touches
  • Module 21b – Adding flatbed bed rails
  • Module 21c – Adding steps
  • Module 21d – Adding toolboxes, backup camera, D-rings. 
  • Module 22 – Flatbed Wiring
  • Module 23 – Flatbed Installation

Our video tutorial will instruct you on how to build 3 very simple, inexpensive jigs that make the build process extremely easy. 

Jig Definition: an apparatus that makes a welding process easier/faster. 

In order to access our full video tutorial, you’ll need to purchase a flatbed kit. Upon purchase, both the model specific blueprint and video tutorial access will be sent to your email in your order confirmation. 

Whether you’re an experienced welder or not, the video tutorial includes very clear instruction with sound and professional tactics that ensures completing the build successfully. Don’t take our word for it – read the video tutorial views below.

Video Tutorial Reviews

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Darren P.
Darren P.Past Customer
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"Once the build started, it went smoothly, as before each step you watch the corresponding video for what you're about to do. The techniques used are very sound, such as making jigs for repetitive work, and welding procedures to prevent warping and/or skewing the frame. I ended up picking up a couple tricks I will be using in the future as a bonus."
Chris B.
Chris B.Past Customer
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"The step by step videos covered every detail and took out all of the guess work which really sped up the build time."
Pat M.
Pat M.Past Customer
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"I watched the videos then went to the shop to use what I had learned. The headache rack and it's angles worried me, but when I got it ready to weld, I looked at it and thought ....this is genius these DD guys know their stuff."
Jason K.
Jason K.Past Customer
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"The process was so smooth an I knew what was going on every step."
Eric F.
Eric F.Past Customer
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"The instructions and video work well together and it was easy to fabricate. I highly recommend this product."
Trever Thompson
Trever ThompsonPast Customer
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"The kit and videos are very easy!"

Purchasing a flatbed kit is required to access the full video tutorial.