Weld Yourself Headache Rack Kits

Save Money: Build it Yourself. We make it easy. Watch this video for how it works.

What You'll be Building:

1999-2020 Ford F250/350 SRW and Dually

1994-2021 Dodge 2500/3500 SRW and Dually

1999-2021 Chevy 2500/3500 SRW and Dually


Start to Finish Video Tutorial

Our 2+ hour start to finish video tutorial gives you a step by step guide to build, wire, and install your headache rack. Watch the whole thing for free to make sure you trust the process!

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Option 1: Standard Headache Rack Kit

Choose this option if you don’t have access to a CNC plasma or laser.

Standard Kit Includes:

$109, Free Shipping


Option 2: Digital Headache Rack Kits

Choose if you access to a CNC plasma or laser. 

Digital Kit Includes:

$39, Instant Download

Need Lights?

Check out our different options of lighting packages, with all the lights and wiring you’ll need in one package. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Standard Kit – $109  -OR-  Digital Kit – $59

*Steel you will need to purchase – $90-$110

*Finish (Paint/Powder Coat) – $10 – $150 

LED Cab Lights – $17

Standard Kit Total: $226 – $386  -OR-  Digital Kit total: $176-$336

Add Marker Lights & wiring (6): +$35

Add Strip Tail/Stop/Turn Lights & wiring: +$35

Compare to Protech Premade Rack: MSRP $475-$750

Compare to Highway Products Premade Rack: MSRP $599+

*Price subject to your area’s steel retailer and powder coat supplier*

This kit gives you everything you need to seamlessly complete the base model rack. It is designed to be a cheap alternative to pre-made headache racks.

We sell two different kit options: standard and digital. Standard Kits include the CNC machine made parts shipped to your door and a model specific blueprint that lays out all of the other steel you need to purchase locally and at what lengths and angles to cut it. The digital kit is for those who own or have access to a CNC table or laser and includes the .dxf cut files for all the machine made parts in addition to a model specific blueprint. This kit is designed to be used in combination with the video tutorial.

Equipment Required:

  • Standard Protective Equipment (Ear Plugs, Safety glasses, Welding Helmet, Welding Gloves, Welding Coat)
  • Work Table
  • Welder – capable of welding 3/16” plate
  • Bandsaw capable of cutting 2.5” square tubing (If you don’t have a bandsaw, you can get your pieces cut at a local welding shop)
  • Angle Grinder
  • Tape Measure
  • Vice grips OR C-clamps – at least two, four preferred
  • Square
  • Hand Drill OR Drill Press
  • ¼” Drill Bit
  • ¾” Drill Bit (only needed if adding marker lights)
  • Type 27 Flapper Disk Grinding Wheels
  • Grinder Cutting Wheel OR Plasma Cutter OR Cutting Torch

Experienced Required:

  • Beginning to Intermediate Welding Experience
  • General Knowledge of using a bandsaw (includes cutting angles) If you don’t have a bandsaw, you can get all your pieces cut at a local welding shop.
  • General Shop Tool Knowledge (how to use hand drill, grinder, etc.)

No Experience or Tools? No Problem. Give your local welding shop a copy of the blueprint and video access and they will easily be able to complete the project.

An experienced fabricator can get this project done in 6 hours, whereas a beginner might need a full day.

Yes, this product is designed to accommodate most cross body toolboxes. Shop kits for your model for exact tolerances based on model.


Optional lighting components that ship from Amazon.