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We make building a flatbed easy.

We don't send you everything, and that's a good thing.

What We Send You: Machine Made Parts & Blueprints

What You Purchase: Generic Steel (Download the List)

Why Don’t We Send Everthing?

Consider the following question: Would you rather pay mark up and shipping on generic steel you can buy locally OR get a material list and build diagrams so you can buy and cut the generic steel yourself without middle man markup? We assume you’d rather do the latter, so we give you a list and build diagrams, and only ship the machine made components you can’t buy locally. 
Download the Free Material List.

Flatbed Video Tutorial

That’s right, you can watch the whole thing, for free, before you buy. Click the 3 Line/Play icon to toggle between modules

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Option 1: Standard Flatbed Kit

Choose this option if you don’t have access to a CNC plasma or laser.

Standard Kit Includes:

SRW $649, Dually $749, Free Shipping

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Option 2: Digital Flatbed Kits

Choose if you access to a CNC plasma or laser. 

Digital Kit Includes:

$199, Instant Download

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What's New?

What's New?

Choose Between a Wood or Steel Deck.

To Build a Steel Deck: Watch modules 5b, 19b, and 20 of the video tutorial.

To Build a Wood Deck: Skip modules 5b, 19b, and 20 of the video tutorial.

How To Build Bed Rails.

Build your own bed rails from generic steel for less than $75, check out module 21b of the video tutorial.

Frequently Asked Questions

Standard Bed Cost List

Flatbed Kit -$799 (SRW), $929 (DRW) (Free Shipping)

Generic Steel you will need purchase from a local steel dealer* – ~$700-$1500 Download the Steel List.

Lights/Wiring/Decking – ~$600

Finish (Powdercoat/Paint)* – $35 – $1000

Total Cost of build: $2000- $3500

*Prices are subject to local supplier and serve as an estimate only.

Optional Add-Ons

Underbody Tool Boxes: ~$500

Fender Kit: $209-$299

Our Kits are unconventional in that we don’t send you everything, only the machine made parts that you can’t purchase locally. Why? Because it would be what’s known as a rip-off to charge you for mark up and exorbitant amounts of shipping cost to sell you generic steel that you can buy locally without a middle man. That being said, you’ll be responsible in purchasing the generic steel to make the process as affordable as possible. Download the free material list so you can get an exact cost for everything you’ll need. We’ll still send you the machine made parts and provide you with the blueprints to make the build seamless.

This kit gives you everything you need to seamlessly complete the base model bed. It is designed to be a cheap alternative to pre-made flatbeds.

We sell two different kit options: standard and digital. Standard Kits include the CNC machine made parts shipped to your door and a model specific blueprint that lays out all of the other steel you need to purchase locally and at what lengths and angles to cut it. The digital kit is for those who own or have access to a CNC table or laser and includes the .dxf cut files for all the machine made parts in addition to a model specific blueprint. This kit is designed to be used in combination with the video tutorial.

Experince Needed

Moderate to advanced welding experience is needed to complete this project as well as experience using all shop tools described below.

Tools and Equipment Needed

  1. Ear Plugs
  2. Safety Glasses
  3. Welding Helmet
  4. Welding Gloves
  5. Welding Coat or protective outer layer
  6. Welder – needs to adequately weld 3/16” thick plate
  7. Bandsaw/chop saw/cold saw – capable of handling 2.5” square tube and cutting angles.
  8. Angle Grinder
  9. Tape Measure
  10. Vice grips OR C-clamps – 6 total
  11. Square
  12. Drill Press OR Hand Drill
  13. (2) 7/32” Drill Bit
  14. ¾” Drill bit (only if installing marker lights)
  15. 1″ drill bit or hole saw
  16. Type 27 Flapper disk grinding wheel(s)
  17. Slitter disk(s) OR Plasma Cutter
  18. Metal Pencil or Sharpie Marker
  19. Forklift OR Shop Crane OR 4 Strong people (for installation)

An experienced fabricator can build this project in 30 hours and install in 8 – 10 hours.

Gooseneck Ball

Our Kits are designed to fit with your existing frame mounted gooseneck ball. If you don’t currently have one installed, you will need to add a frame mounted gooseneck ball. 

Bumper Pull Hitch

Our kits fit seamlessly with your factory bumper pull hitch. Why? Because it’s far superior to have your hitch tied directly to your frame and the engineered from the the factory setup.

We only offer .dxf cut files in our dealer program, for businesses interested in building and selling our fully built flatbed designs in their area. Learn More >

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